New Zealand Visa Evaluation Form

This form is a free, no-obligations, initial evaluation form, to assess your eligibility for a New Zealand visa.

It should only take 5 minutes but it cannot be saved half-way through so please ensure you have ready all vital information about your employment history.

If you would like to see an offline version of this form to prepare for the questions, you can download a PDF of the form here.

Please ensure that you fill in all the details as thoroughly as you can as this will allow our Licensed Immigration Advisers to properly assess your eligibility to qualify for a New Zealand Visa.

If your assessment is positive, you will be contacted by one of our team in the next five to ten working days.

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Business Experience

Have you or your partner ever owned and run a business?
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Do you have assets that are worth NZD$1.5 Million or more?
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New Zealand Skilled Employment

Do you have an offer of Skilled Employment in New Zealand?
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Have you applied for any New Zealand jobs?
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Why New Zealand

Have you been granted a NZ Working Holiday Visa before?*
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Where do you want to live in New Zealand?
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Telephone Call Availability

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